This is my STEM blog for Applied Science. It will capture my learning sessions, visits, thoughts and discussion on my study activities relating to my Forensic science course and my time in college



Russia, UK forge ahead together on science and innovation (voiceofrussia.com)


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  1. forensicbupe says:

    In July this year we saw how the Science and Technology Committee published the results of a follow-up inquiry into the closure of the Forensic Science Service (FSS) in UK. Reducing our hopes for work on graduation….however some private firms and in-house police labs such as Winsford in Cheshire now fill the gap left by the FSS. The committee report painted a grey picture of a chaotic new landscape for forensic provisions. It even suggested private firms need help to survive and that unless the government formulates a coherent strategy for forensic science in England and Wales, the criminal justice system could be jeopardised……so I wonder what other options are left for those of us currently studying for Forensic qualifications?? please share your thoughts…..

  2. forensicbupe says:

    17th Sept- Stem skills (independent study session)- Unit 10 Assignment one- Chester Zoo & Science” 1230pm – 330pm

  3. forensicbupe says:

    19th Sept, 1230- 330pm- Unit 39 Assignment One ” Criminal Investigation Techniques”

  4. forensicbupe says:

    20th Sept 10am- 12.30pm – Merit criteria Unit 39 Assignment One. Also discuss timetable issues with tutor and complete enrolment with College Admin team as its dragging…

  5. forensicbupe says:

    24th Sept- Unit 10 Assignment 1 -1 st draft deadline.
    and not yet completed enrolment…this is now depressing me!

  6. forensicbupe says:

    Monday 30th Sept Unit 39 Assignment one handed in. Oh and I walked out….time out due to admin stress!
    cant seem to get much support from relevant staff.

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