Manchester Science Festival Saturday 26th Oct 2013

The amazing Ice Lab in Antartica

The amazing Ice Lab in Antartica

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Today was a great afternoon, left Chester around 11am and picked up my classmate Charlotte together with my little girl Sarah; We drove to Manchester and visited MOSI.
If you didn’t know MOSI stands for Museum of Science and Industry. It’s here that the “Manchester Science Festival” takes place each year at the end of October and brings you the best that science has to offer packaged into an exciting, fun and thought-provoking 11 days. This year the festival is running between the 24th October – 3 November 2013.
The exhibition was scattered into several buildings and therefore gave us a good workout not to mention testing our map reading skills. In the first building, I was particularly drawn to the Technology and media display which was interactive so we wasted no time into having a go of adding our faces to the 2013 exhibit screens. There were many willing and smiley faces of the many visitors that day keen and eager to contribute their bit with the world. I silently wished that every future lab were this enjoyable.
I was also captivated by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) research station architect design models in the Ice Lab exhibition – with a structure made of advance materials which provided the protection needed from the elements.
The station images showed elevated structures on large ski-equipped, jack able legs to avoid burial by snow. The 45 minutes presentation by the architect designer of this Antarctic research station “Halley VI” was so fascinating. And the meteorologist who has spent time in it did a good job reflecting her 18mths experiences there. Also if you are a big fun of “Star Wars” you would have definitely seen the resemblances in the Halley VI structures and within the ice labs
The BAS was commissioned in 2006, as a new research station to replace the previous Halley V which was said to had been located on the floating Brunt Ice shelf. Initiated by the British Council, the Ice Lab exhibition apparently will feature four international projects:-
• Halley VI, UK (Hugh Brougton Architects),
• Princess Elizabeth, Belgium(International Polar Foundation)
• Bharati, India (bofarchitekten/IMS)
• Jang Bogo, South Korea (Space Group)
• and the Iceberg Living Station (MAP Architects) – this is to be fascinating design for a future research station will be entirely made from compacted snow.
In summary this exhibition has highlighted the diversity of the Antarctica project and the many multiple science researches that takes place on the frozen continent – from collecting 4.5 billion year old meteorites that illuminate the solar system to drilling ice cores whose bubbles of air that is years and years old reveal the earth’s climate history. I absolutely loved been here today. I learned so much, It was definitely worth coming…..


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  1. Claire says:

    A great blog that covers a range of interesting subjects. I found this entry in particular the most interesting 🙂

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